Friday’s chefs  :   Alain Passard

« Imagination does not exist, everything is possible»

  Passard grew up in Brittany, a region of France. Son of a dressmaker and a musician, he developed artistic skills that helped him excel in the kitchen, which taught him that there is no such thing as imagination. He worked in a variety of restaurants and gradually became an expert in French and international cuisine. At the age of 26, he earned two Michelin stars at the restaurant Le Duc d’Enghien. 

A few years later he returned to one of the restaurants where he started his career and bought it. He renamed it L’Arpège and by 1996 he had already achieved three Michelin stars. It was one of the most famous rotisserie restaurants in Europe and one of the top 40 in the world, but chef Alain was not yet satisfied. Therefore, he dared and took an innovative leap for the time and for the culinary world: he decided to turn his restaurant into a vegetarian restaurant. 

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Using vegetables from his own gardens, he changed the menu of his restaurant despite the negative feedback he received, as switching to Veganism was targeting a different type of consumer. His vision was to serve dishes that the restaurant could create, from seed to table. All-natural, sustainable consumption. It was a big challenge for the chef and even more difficult to maintain the 3 Michelin stars, but he succeeded and in 2018 was voted the eighth best restaurant in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list

The restaurant has been a success, perhaps even more than before to the great surprise of the culinary world. Its dishes sparkle with freshness and colour while its flavour is unrivalled. Even the strictest vegetable critic cannot be dissatisfied after eating at this extraordinary place. This culinary revolution showed us that vegetarian food is not just « rabbit food » but for everyone. We can enjoy these dishes and be even more amazed. 

Undoubtedly, his motivation for cooking and innovation made vegetarian and vegan food more visible.  


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