Eric Kayser 

« People today are looking to serve the authentic »

Eric Kayser was born in 1964 and is the son, grandson and great-grandson of bakers from Lorraine. In other words, he grew up in the bakeries. In 1988, he became a bakery trainer at the National Institute of Bakery and Pastry. In 1994, with Patrick Castagna, he created the “Fermentolevain”, a device that makes natural liquid leaven ready to use. 

Companion of the Tour de France, Eric Keyser, for 5 years was trained by the best baker chefs. This has helped Eric Keyser to enrich his creations, with his bakers, over the years with new recipes, looking for the best quality ingredients. 

Breads, pastries and buns are made with natural leaven and selected flours. The bread is shaped, kneaded and baked in an oven as in the past.  

Each month a new bread or a new recipe is created; there are many varieties in this bakery! 

This redheaded baker from Alsace is undoubtedly an important player in the Parisian bakery industry. He opened his first bakery at 8 rue Monge in Paris in 1996 and It was an instant success. In 2001, after setting up in Tokyo, he received the Tokyo Best Croissant Award and two years later the Tokyo Best Baker Award. Eric Kayser’s bakeries are all different from one another. Each new point of sale is dressed in different colors and has a particular atmosphere to match its city, its neighborhood and the people on its street. Today, there are over 200 Maison Kayser locations worldwide. With 28 in Paris alone, more locations have opened throughout Tunisia, Greece, Portugal, Russia, Japan, Ukraine and so on.  


More than a renowned baker, Eric is also the author of many book. In 2013, he published a book called “Le Larousse du Pain”. This book reflects his desire to satisfy the need to get our hands dirty and discover, by doing so, what bread is. “People today are looking to serve the authentic. What better than bread, when it comes from a bread-making process that does not cheat, can translate this feeling of authenticity?” He states.  




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