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Culinaria Group is an international supplier of French bakery products

French Gourmet Bakery and Pastry distributor since 2010.

We sell French bakery and pastry. We are all about making work easier. In that spirit, we offer the perfect desserts and bakery products to the professionals of culinary world: catering, hotel, and cafeteria.


You need time, we give you the solution!

Our products distinguish themselves through their artisan taste and appearance. On top of that, we offer management and production for the professionals.


Bakery products


This dessert stands out in all seasons but in winter, it is a favorite. The warm and tender Valrhona chocolate heart will embrace yours.

Valrhona is one of the first brands to be associated with fine chocolate. Known for its long history and exquisite creations since 1922. A chocolate made with cocoa selected from their own plantation to ensure a unique, fine product without variation in quality and flavor.